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T 1 11 Siding - Both Fiber Cement and Wood T 1 11

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Nichiha T 1 11 Fiber Cement Siding - 8 inc On Center Grooved Panel
Nichiha 4x8 (similar to T 1 11 Siding) 8 Inch Grooved Siding
List Price: $31.00
Our Price: $27.00
You save $4.00!

Nichiha 4 x 8 Panel * inch On Center Grooved Cement Siding With Lifetime Warranty (similar to T 111 siding)
T1-11 Siding

T1-11 siding is traditionally wood or wood based siding but Nichiha Fiber Cement has a fiber cement t 1 11 type siding with all the benefits of fiber cement.  This is a natural looking siding that lets the wood-grain show through. In the past there were two main types of T1-11 siding, plywood and OSB.Most people have heard of plywood.  Plywood T1-11, also called plywood siding, is a versatile product.  It can be stained for a natural look or primed and painted.  It is available in smooth sand versions or rough hewn.  Both types are equally strong so it is just a matter of preference.  T1-11 plywood siding is more expensive than OSB, but considered to be a stronger product.  

OSB, oriented strand board, is generally less expensive than plywood siding.  OSB is made of wood flakes and strands with a binding resin that is sealed with heat and pressure.  OSB siding is strong and inexpensive.  It is widely used in home construction.  OSB T1-11 siding must be primed and painted,  it does not take stain well.  

In order to keep T1-11 siding in good condition it needs regular maintenance.  Stain should be re-applied every three to five years.  Paint will last longer.  You will most likely need to paint every ten to fifteen years.  It is a good idea to paint the joints and edges of T1-11 siding before the initial installation.  This will help extend the life of your siding and will help prevent water damage.  With proper installation and maintenance T1-11 siding, plywood or OSB, is an affordable and good option for your home.