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Cedar Shake Siding

Genuine Cedar Shake Siding can transform the look of a home. It has a richness and beauty not found in many other siding options. It also adds dimension to the design of a home. Cedar shakes are a timeless classical and natural option that many people prefer over man made materials. Cedar shake siding has become increasingly popular over the last few years. It may bring to mind ocean front home of places like Cape Cod.
It is actually useful in a variety of applications. Cedar shakes can be used on the entire house or in accents. It works well on craftsman styled homes which have become very popular. It is also often used in the gables or more traditional brick or stone homes. It looks equally good in all uses. When using authentic cedar shakes you can be assured that your home will not look to trendy or dated in a few years. Unlike other forms of wood, cedar is a very durable building material. It is superior to other forms of wood.
 It has long been known to resist damage from the sun, pests, and harsh weather. It can be used in areas with extreme summer heat as well as areas were harsh winter storms are common. Cedar is also a renewable resource. It has a high insulation value as well. Cedar shake siding is available as individual shakes or it can be installed in panels, usually 8ft in length. The panels install much quicker. They are good when installing over the entire exterior of a home or over large areas. For small accent areas the individual shakes work well. If cedar shake siding is left untreated it will weather naturally to a gray. Shakes are often stained in wood tones, but many colored stains and paints are available as well.